Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Apples and passion - one man's legacy

Steve Jobs will be remembered for many things –for Apple and Pixar, for his remarkable
intellect, for his brilliance at innovative thinking, and for his clear passion for what he did.

He will also be remembered because his high-flying, passionate brilliance was abruptly cut short. He died young, aged only 56. In his Stanford Commencement address back in 2005, perhaps one of his most famous pieces of public speaking, Steve talked about his realization that life is finite, and urges his audience to stop and think about whether they are spending our days doing something they really love. It seems that he himself did, and thank goodness, since it turned out that death came sooner for him than for most.

Already, when I think of Steve Jobs, my first thought is not “Apple”, but “passion” – the importance of making every minute count, and chasing your dreams, and not wasting your one, precious chance at life doing something that is not enjoyable or important to you. 

Steve Jobs changed the world of technology.
What if he has also managed to change the way we think about life itself?